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I'm pleased with your personal visit on my website on the Antakya / Hatay region in Turkey.

Despite its long history, Antakya is not well known in the world until now. Though there is much to see and to experience.
In addition to Saint Peter's Curch, the first christian community of the world, where the first missionary journey of apostle Paul has began, there are wonderful beaches, the mountains of Amanos with snow until late spring, Armenian villages and plenty of beautiful mosques in the region. The sweet dessert “kunefe” is defenitely a culinary highlight, originally available only in this region.

You will find much information and plenty of images on this website.
The background information is complemented by live viewing webcams showing Antakya, the mountains of Amanos and the Syrian border. Additionally you will find current weather and climate data in order to assist the planning of your journeys.

To the current situation:

currently there are may many dark clouds came up over the Hatay, so I can't recommend an unrestricted stay here at at the moment. Even the free press coverage is no longer ensured, so that the true situation is difficult to describe.

Turkey is in a civil war. Almost every day there are actions of the PKK in Hatay, which are mostly aimed against military / police - not the civilian infrastructure.

A look at Kurdish sources is worthwile, because here the actions are described. In the Turkish media this information are partially missing, because it should not be reported.

In addition, there is an unsafe situation on the borders of Hatay since the replenishment for the slayers of Al Nusra and ISIS partly runs over Hatay. Therefore, especially journeys near the borders and to the transit routes are dangerous for the the western tourists. So the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns explicit to stay at Hatay.

Hoping for better times soon,

Your Dr. Karsten Brandt

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of - weather station in Antakya - our recently published e-book is now available on Amazon!

The popular guide "Antakya and Hatay" is also available in a German and English e-book version.


Dr. Karsten Brandt

Dr. Karsten Brandt

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