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Short description " climate like in paradise "

The Hatay is a meteorological paradise with proper seasons , rain at the right time and many hours with blue sky and white clouds. Hunger is unknown, but there are also fears, worries and diseases - also here the way to paradise on earth is still far away. People can flourish here, because of the healthy climate and winters with little cold.


In 2006 the weather service established a weather station in Antakya Göngür Uydukent. The station should examine the particular climate in Hatay, near the Syrian border. There is a network of Turkish weather stations in Hatay , although the position special: It is a "Yayla position", ( flat former summer grazing lands). Traditionally, the inhabitants fled from the summer heat to the hills till the 1950s, but here ranged even more than 80 metres of height above the flat valley.

The reason is, that there is a very pleasant summer climate in Antakya. There is no heat in the transition from a Mediterranean climate to the Syrian desert climate. The strong summer winds named Etesian / Meltemi , which blows in summer here is amplified by the mountain shape and pressed into the valley. So in many summer days there is a strong wind, which reduces the peak temperatures significantly.


Short description guide "Antakya and Hatay"

Antakya and the region of Hatay are located in the "fertile crescent", the cradle of our civilization and the birthplace of Christianity. Apostle Paul went from here on his mission trip. In this region you can still trace this time or have a great vacation.

Modern hotels, one of the biggest beaches in the world, a climate like in paradise and a fascinating landscape await you.


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