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As the Hatay was in flames

The forest fire in the Nur-mountains on 5th and 6th of August 2013

The wooded mountains in Antakya saw, according to the forester of Antakya, between the 5th and 6th of August the darkest days . More than 1000 hectares of forest burned in the region within 48 hours. The forest fire was fanned during the day again and again by strong wind and exreme aridness (humidity of 24%).

With the help of weather station in Antakya thousands of people were able to see this forest fire live worldwide . With high probability the fires were set, as always new fire broke out in several places. There were 16 people arrested. A political background is probably because the area lies on the border between Turkey and Syria, and the power of a NATO radar station that monitors Syria, was affected. There was a fire on the Hatay over 48 hours - a political image .

The Hatay, a region where Christian, Alawite and Sunni lived together peacefully since many years, experienced a terrible summer. After a bomb blast with over 100 deads , demos between Kemalists and Islamists fueled by a dictatorial ruling Erdogan with the deads, a small earthquake followed. And now a 'political forest fire' . Smoke and ashes spread out over an area of 50 km. In the city trickled ashes from the sky.

New insights into the cause of the fire:

In addition to a deliberate politically arson , the fire broke out at 11 locations simultaneously , a part of the fire was probably carried out by the deliberate burning of a drug field to destroy the evidence before accessing of police .
Approx. 3000 hectares of valuable forest land were destroyed.

Video 1: Forest fire, 24-hours fast motion (hourly picture)

Video 2: Forest fire, 24-hours fast motion (hourly picture)




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