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Named Antioch in the antiquity

Antakya is the capital city of the region Hatay, the most southern Turkish province on the border to Syria. She lies on the river Asi, the historical Orontes, which has left a dreadful land here. The city is surrounded by high mountains. In the southeast the Habbib Neccar (in the antiquity Mons Silpius) rises, in the west the mountain chain of the Amanos mountains.

Antioch was an important commercial and cultural centre in the antiquity, comparably with Paris or London in our time. In comparison with that it is nearly unimportant today. At least, it is a regional provincial centre and has an important function as a gate of trade to Syria and the remaining Levant states. Antakya doesn't have a harbor. There is a harbor only in Cevrik, approx. 40 km away from Antakya. The Asi river is not navigable.

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