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mosaic museum

It has simply become great, the new (mosaic) museum in Hatay which has opened last autumn. It is located near the St. Peter's Church on the road to Reyhanli in a magnificent building. The building is silhouetted against its surroundings with a typical Syrian water wheel.

The newly designed exhibition allows visitors to experience the historical periods of 40,000 years. Although the mosaics are just part of the exhibition, but it is not missing out. Compared to the old museum now much of the history of Hatay is explained in English and Turkish.

Great installations take visitors from the cave finds in Samandag on the Höyuk discoveries of the Bronze Age to the Roman period.

We wish the museum many visitors over the years. The museum was almost empty in 2015, because many foreigners are afraid to visit Turkey and Hatay due to Al Nusra and IS


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