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General terms of use

The published weather reports are media weather reports, hence, they are processed journalistically and developed for the general public. All predictions have certain likelihoods. Hence, it comes for false appraisals of the weather condition over and over again. or the Brandt publishing company can not take over liability or responsibility. Also mistakes or misapprehensions are totally not to be excluded. Also for it can not take liability on this web page. In case of doubt meteorologists or public places should be consulted. The weather data and weather forecasts come from GmbH.

You will recognise these conditions with use of this website!

Wind predictions

The wind prediction refers to a standard height of 10 metres above ground. Hence, partly clear divergences of wind direction and wind speed in geographically jointed area or on the open sea are possible. The wind speed on the sea increases with the distance to the coast clearly. Also the wind direction changes with certain weather situations. Hence, divergences of the wind predictions are often possible. can not take guarantee for the reports. In case of doubt meteorologists or public places should be always consulted.

Linkings, using for other web pages etc.

All information on are exclusive for the personal, private use. It is not allowed to spread oder publish these information without a written approval. Of course we are very glad about settlements of links on - a written approval is not necessary. Indeed, you must never forget to change the page, for example, by framesets with own advertisement or advertisement for third parties. does not take liability for the contents of the web pages which are reached by linking from this page.


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